ceramic tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular tile choices. Ceramic tile is made from sand, stone, clay and other natural products. It is Kiln fired. Ceramic tile comes glazed and unglazed. There are hundreds of different ceramic tile choices. It is highly popular because it is a very durable product. It is moisture resistant. It has a very high colour permeance. It is extremely hygienic and can be cleaned with the vast majority of household cleaners. Ceramic tile is suitable for both floor and wall installations.

porcelain tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile is a newer form of ceramic tile. It is composed of fine porcelain clays. It is kiln fired to 1400 degrees. Porcelain tile shares many of the properties of ceramic tile. The finish is much finer grained and much smoother with sharply formed edges. Porcelain tile has a much higher wear resistance than ceramic tile. This has made it extremely popular for heavy traffic areas, such as entryways. Porcelain tile can also be cleaned with majority of household cleaners. Porcelain tile is suitable for both floor and wall installations.

glass tile

Glass and Glass Tile

Glass tile is made from sand. Glass is very versatile, this allows a vivid range of colours and shapes. It normally comes on sheets 1ft by 1ft. It is amazing as an accent in showers and bathrooms. Glass Tile is excellent for kitchen backsplashes. There are many amazing craft glass makers, such as Hirsch Glass Corp. Glass tile has excellent colour permeance. Glass tile is extremely Hygienic. It can be cleaned with almost any household cleaner. We use glass tile to add depth and uniqueness to showers, feature walls and back splashes.

marble tile

Marble and Marble Tile

Marble is a natural stone product. It is soft and extremely porous. It comes in a wide variety of colours and can be foliated. It has very high maintenance requirements. It requires sealing with an impregnator. It possesses a natural depth and beauty that make up for the maintenance requirements and provides a timeless and classic look. Properly maintained marble will last a very long time. It has been used as a building material for centuries. Traditionally it is used in foyers. It is not suitable for kitchen counters or back splashes. Marble requires special cleaning products

granite tile

Granite and Granite Tile

Granite is a type of natural stone that contains at least 20% quartz. It comes in a large variety of natural colours. It can be used of walls or floors. Granite is extremely durable, but does require sealing. Granite tile makes for stunning features, such as fireplaces. It can be used in foyers. Granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops because of it’s high acid tolerance and heat resistance. Granite can be cleaned with the majority of household cleaners.

cultured stone

Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is concrete that is poured and molded to look like natural stone. It is available in hundreds of colour and texture options. It is generally used as an alternative to stone veneer as it is thinner and much lighter. This means it is a more versatile medium them real stone. It is used for feature walls and fireplaces. It is not recommended for use in kitchens, but does work very well in a wet bar.

natural stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone and natural stone products are manufactured from real stone. There are hundreds of colour choices and size variations. Natural stone products are a traditional masonry product. They are used for feature walls, wet bars, and fire places. It is available in 1ft by 1ft mosaic, many tile sizes, and several refined options. Natural stone tile is available for flooring and wall applications. It is very durable, but does require sealing.

schluter ditra

Schluter Ditra

Schluter Ditra is an uncoupling membrane. It prevents tile cracking and grout separation. It is not as thick as a traditional dry pack base. It also serves as a waterproofing membrane to protect the substrates. Overall Ditra is an amazing product. It adds substantial wear resistance and durability to any floor tile installation. It helps protect tile in older homes. We take pride in the fact that our looks just as good after 10 years as it did when it was finished. Therefore, we choose to use Ditra under almost every single floor tile installation.

schluter kerdi

Schluter Kerdi

Schluter Kerdi is a sheet-applied polyethylene waterproofing membrane and vapor. It provides a moisture barrier for wet tile installations, such as showers, tub surrounds and steam showers. It helps insure that there never will be any moisture penetration in any wet area. It serves to protect the structure of your home. It is an exceptional product.

in floor heating

In Floor Heating

In floor heating is a heat system which allows you to control the temperature of a floor in an area. Nothing is more comfortable than stepping onto warm tile outside your shower. Tile is traditionally cold. Adding an in-floor heating system helps make basements more comfortable and washrooms more inviting. We install a variety of in-floor heating systems, such as electric heating and boiler based systems.

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